Writer Director


Peer Gynt, short, 2018

The Million, feature, in development

Les Aveugles, short, in development

Bateau Peer Gynt, docu, in production

Belgian film director and photographer Michiel Robberecht spent the last years working and living between Brussels, Kinshasa and Addis Ababa. Michiel got his Master degree in Arts & Literature at the University of Antwerp and during this studies fell in love with cinema. After university he didn’t attend filmschool but chose to learn making films by self-discovery. He set off to Congo where he lived for half a year in a small village in the Congolese rainforest to make his first independent movie Peer Gynt. Michiel’s films and photography are characterised by a magical universe wherein time, people and the places he gets to know along the way turn into fictional entities. At the moment he’s working on a new documentary in Congo, a new short with blind actors set on an island in France and his first feature film set in Eritrea.


Best Cinematography, Peer Gynt, Film Festival Oostende 2018