Bateau Peer Gynt

documentary, in production

The young Guylain Itambi Ibambe lives in a small village in the Congo-lese rainforest, when one day Michiel Robberecht stranded in the village to make his  first short  film and chose Guylain as his main actor. It was as if Guylain was destined to play the role of Peer Gynt, a young guy losing himself in his own imaginary world.

Two years later Michiel returns to show the  film and fulfill a promise they once made: travel down the Congo river together to Kinshasa where Guylain will try to start his new career as a radio host and actor. On this challenging journey to a new future they travel packed together with hundreds of people through a landscape of mirages. Facing the obstacles to reach their dreams, they get on a downstream odyssey through a cinematographic jungle.

Directed by Michiel Robberecht

Starring: Guylain Itambi Ibambe

Produced in Hinterland

Producer: Melissa Dhondt

Cinematography by Michiel Robberecht & Toon Anthoni


Edited by Michiel Robberecht & Febe Simoens