Peer Gynt

short, 2018

Loosely inspired on Henrik Ibsens famous theatre persona of Peer Gynt, this film tells the story of a young man living in a small village in the Congolese tropical rainforest. 

Absorbed by his own world of imagination, he finds himself trapped in a desolate environment where nobody apart from his mother believes in his dreams and the miracles he always talks about. 

When one day his mother dies and Peer Gynt decides to leave, his world of imagination seems to descend upon the village.

Peer Gynt is a poetical journey through a double layered world of reality and imagination.


Best Cinematography - Filmfestival Oostende 2018



Addis International Film Festival (Ethiopia)

Visite Film Festival Antwerpen (Belgium)


In-Short Film Festival Lagos (Nigeria)

Filmfestival Oostende (Belgium) 

Kino Pavasaris Vilnius International Film Festival (Lithuania) 


Opening Film - Congo International Film Festival / Goma (DRC)

Fickin - Film Festival International du Cinéma à Kinshasa (DRC)



Written & directed by Michiel Robberecht

Starring: Guylain Itambi Ibambe, Charlotte Woazu Goya,

Salomé Azoba, Lipanda Ngulubi Anceleme

Cinematography by Lothar Legon

Edited by Febe Simoens

Co-produced by

Gust Van den Berghe & Melissa Dhondt

A Huis van Usher production

Production by Michiel Robberecht & Toon Anthoni


Sound mix by Matijs Guypen

Supervising Editor: David Verdurme


Grading by Veerle Zeelmaekers

Artwork by Jan Decleir

Music by Michel Godard

Vfx by Flow Postproduction

Production Managers: Zaïna Marius Soalona, June Laka

Production Team: Benjamin Sebutu, 

Pele Pelenga, Misteur Kpado Gwana, Michele Pelendo